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Researched by John Meffen, Gordon Hunter,  Brian McColl, Stevie McAneney, Thomas McGouran, Bobby Hutchison and Alexander Reid

The Stirlingshire FA was formed on Christmas Day 1883, with a meeting, in the Railway Hotel, Larbert, between the Falkirk, East Stirlingshire, Tayavalla, Dunipace, King's Park, Campsie the original Stenhousemuir Football Clubs. The Stirlingshire Cup, introduced that same season, is one of the longest competed trophies in the world, and it is still the same trophy to this day. In later years the Stirlingshire FA absorbed both the Clackmannanshire & Dunbartonshire Football Associations. Latterly, upon the decline of the EFA Cup and King Cup, it also accepted Bo'ness FC into its ranks. Excepting wartime seasons, the only occasion it has never been played was in 2008-09.



1883-84 Falkirk

1884-85 Camelon

1885-86 East Stirlingshire

1886-87 East Stirlingshire

1887-88 East Stirlingshire

1888-89 East Stirlingshire

1889-90 Falkirk

1890-91 East Stirlingshire

1891-92 Campsie

1892-93 East Stirlingshire

1893-94 East Stirlingshire

1894-95 Falkirk

1895-96 Falkirk

1896-97 East Stirlingshire

1897-98 Camelon

1898-99 King's Park

1899-00 Stenhousemuir

1900-01 East Stirlingshire

1901-02 Stenhousemuir

1902-03 East Stirlingshire

1903-04 Falkirk

1904-05 Alloa Athletic

1905-06 Falkirk

1906-07 East Stirlingshire

1907-08 Alloa Athletic

1908-09 Alloa Athletic

1909-10 Falkirk

1910-11 King's Park

1911-12 King's Park

1912-13 Alloa Athletic

1913-14 East Stirlingshire

1914-15 King's Park

1915-19  No competition

1919-20 Falkirk

1920-21 Alloa Athletic

1921-22 Stenhousemuir

1922-23 Falkirk

1923-24 East Stirlingshire

1924-25 East Stirlingshire

1925-26 Falkirk

1926-27 Falkirk

1927-28 East Stirlingshire

1928-29 East Stirlingshire

1929-30 Falkirk

1930-31 Falkirk

1931-32 East Stirlingshire

1932-33 Stenhousemuir

1933-34 Alloa Athletic

1934-35 Falkirk

1935-36 East Stirlingshire

1936-37 Stenhousemuir

1937-38 Falkirk

1938-39  Not completed

1939-45  No competition

1945-46  Not completed

1946-47 Alloa Athletic

1947-48  Not completed

1948-49  Not completed

1949-50 Falkirk


1950-51 Falkirk

1951-52 Falkirk

1952-53 Dumbarton

1953-54 Stirling Albion

1954-55 Stirling Albion

1955-56 Alloa Athletic

1956-57 Dumbarton

1957-58 Alloa Athletic

1958-59 Stirling Albion

1959-60 Alloa Athletic

1960-61 Falkirk

1961-62 East Stirlingshire

1962-63 Stenhousemuir

1963-64 Falkirk

1964-65 Dumbarton

1965-66 Alloa Athletic

1966-67 Falkirk

1967-68 Falkirk

1968-69 East Stirlingshire

1969-70 Falkirk

1970-71 Stenhousemuir

1971-72 Stirling Albion

1972-73 Dumbarton

1973-74 Stirling Albion

1974-75 Dumbarton

1975-76 Stenhousemuir

1976-77 Stirling Albion

1977-78 Stirling Albion

1978-79 Clydebank

1979-80 Clydebank

1980-81 Dumbarton

1981-82 Alloa Athletic

1982-83 Dumbarton

1983-84 Stirling Albion

1984-85 East Stirlingshire

1985-86 Dumbarton

1986-87 Stenhousemuir

1987-88 Dumbarton

1988-89 Stirling Albion

1989-90 Dumbarton

1990-91 Dumbarton

1991-92 Stirling Albion

1992-93 Falkirk

1993-94 Dumbarton

1994-95 Falkirk

1995-96 Dumbarton

1996-97 Alloa Athletic

1997-98 Falkirk

1998-99 Stirling Albion

1999-00 Falkirk

2000-01 East Stirlingshire

2001-02 Stenhousemuir

2002-03 Falkirk

2003-04 Stirling Albion

2004-05 Stirling Albion

2005-06 Stirling Albion

2006-07 Falkirk

2007-08 Falkirk

2008-09  No competition

2009-10 Dumbarton

2010-11 Dumbarton

2011-12 Falkirk

2012-13 Dumbarton





First round

19th Jan Ochil Rangers v Milngavie 2-2

26th Jan Milngavie v Ochil Rangers 0-0 (Both went through)        

26th Jan King's Park v Dunipace 0-2 (Abandoned at half-time due to the weather)

9th Feb King's Park v Dunipace 13-0

26th Jan Vale of Bannock v Campsie 2-1 (Abandoned after 75 minutes due to the weather)

9th Feb Vale of Bannock v Campsie 0-5

2nd Feb Falkirk v Grasshoppers 1- 0

9th Feb Comely Park v East Stirlingshire 1-9                                         

9th Feb   Tayavalla v Stenhousemuir 5-2                                               

(to be played by the 9th Feb) Strathblane v Grahamston 1-0


Second round       

23rd Feb Tayavalla v East Stirlingshire 1-7                                             

23rd Feb Milngavie v Falkirk 0-5                                                                

23rd Feb Campsie v King's Park 4-1                                                          

23rd Feb Ochil Rangers v Strathblane 2-4


Semi final

8th Mar Falkirk v Campsie 2-1    

8th Mar Strathblane v East Stirlingshire 1-2


Final (at Lock 16 (Tayavalla FC))                                                                

29th Mar East Stirlingshire v Falkirk 1-1

Falkirk: A.Turnbull; Murphy & Hamilton; H.Hendry & Balloch; W.Gibson & R.Gibson, A.Hendry & T.Hamilton, Ferguson & Taylor.

East Stirlingshire: Cockburn; Mitchell & Anderson; Williamson, Inches & McKenzie; Neil McLachlan & McLachlan, McGregor, Dunn & Sharp.

Scorers- Taylor : Dunn.

Referee- Mr. Goudie (Rangers FC)


Notes- " far the largest attendance that has ever been at any football match in Stirlingshire."            



Final replay (at Lock 16 (Tayavalla FC att 3000))

5th Apr East Stirlingshire v Falkirk 1-3

Falkirk: A.Turnbull; Murphy & Hamilton; R.Bishop, H.Hendry & Balloch; W.Gibson & R.Gibson, T.Hamilton, Ferguson & Taylor.

East Stirlingshire: Cockburn; Mitchell & Anderson; Williamson, Inches & McKenzie; Neil McLachlan & McLachlan, McGregor, Dunn & Sharp.

Scorers- Taylor(2), R.Gibson: Sharp/McLauchlan.

Referee- Mr. Carmichael(Third Lanark FC)

Attendance – 3000

Note - The Falkirk Herald attributed the East Stirlingshire goal to Sharp, but the Stirling Observer to McLauchlan




First round                                                                                                        

18th Oct Falkirk v Dunipace 2-3 

18th Oct Grasshoppers v Grahamston 2-2

25th Oct Grahamston v Grasshoppers 2-2                                           

18th Oct Carron v East Stirlingshire 0-17                                                

18th Oct Falkirk Harp v Stenhousemuir 2-3                                          

18th Oct Milngavie v Camelon 2-2 (Protest about referee being intoxicated upheld. Initially recorded as 2-1, further evidence showed that Camelon had scored a second goal)

1st Nov Camelon v Milngavie 4-1 (Protested)

Camelon v Milngavie wo-scr

18th Oct Avondale v Tayavalla 6-3 (Protest about no referee upheld, replay ordered but Tayavalla scratched)

Tayavalla v Avondale scr-wo

(?? Oct) Vale of Bannock v Campsie 0-4                                                

(?? Oct) Ochil Rangers v Central 1-4                                                        

Strathblane v Comely Park wo-scr


Second round       

29th Nov Avondale v Dunipace 4-2                                                         

29th Nov Central v East Stirlingshire 0-6

29th Nov  King's Park v Grasshoppers  3-1                                           

29th Nov Strathblane v Grahamston  0-1

6th Dec Camelon v Stenhousemuir  4-1

Campsie bye


Third round

31st Dec Campsie v King's Park 1-1

7th Feb King's Park v Campsie 0-1                                                           

31st Dec East Stirlingshire v Avondale  6-1

Camelon, Grahamston byes


Semi final

14th Feb Camelon v Grahamston 1-0

21st Feb East Stirlingshire v Campsie 0-0 (att 2000 to 3000)

28th Feb Campsie v East Stirlingshire 5-0

Note- Although the Falkirk Herald reported this as 4-1, the Stirling Observer has a much better report stating 5-1


Final (at Lock 16 (Tayavalla FC))                                                                

28th Mar Camelon v Campsie 0-0

Camelon: Palmer, Goal; Burns & A.Oliver Backs; Wilkie, 'Hector', J.Oliver, McKechnie, Russell; Rest Unknown.

Campsie: Eadie; Paterson & Macfarlane; Watson & Lafferty; McVicars, Kennedy, Meffen & Stewart; Rest Unknown       


Final replay

4th Apr Camelon v Campsie 1-1 (at Gowanbank (King's Park FC) att 800)

Camelon: Palmer; Nisbet & Burns; Fraser, Spiers & A.Oliver; J.Oliver & McKechnie, J.Wilkie, Russell & H.Fraser.

Campsie: Eadie; Paterson & Macfarlane; Watson & Lafferty; Kennedy & Meffen, McVicar & Macfarlane, Inglis & Stuart.

Scorers- ???? : Kennedy.

Referee - Mr Carmichael (3rd LRV)

Umpires - Mr PM Morrison (Stirling) & Mr Irving (Bonnybridge)


Final second replay (At Merchiston Pk (East Stirlingshire FC))

18th Apr Camelon v Campsie 2-1 after extra 30 minutes (90 mins: 1-1)

Camelon: Palmer; Burns & Nisbet; Spiers, A.Oliver & Fraser; J.Oliver & McKechnie, Wilkie, Russell & 'Hector'.

Campsie: Eadie; Paterson & Macfarlane; Lafferty & Watson; Stewart & ??, McVicars & Inglis, Kennedy & Meffen.

Scorers- McKechnie, Spiers : Meffen.

Referee - Mr J Carmichael (3rd LRV)                                                      



First round                                                                                                               

26th Sep East Stirlingshire v Avondale 10-0

26th Sep Milton of Campsie v Falkirk 1-7

26th Sep Grasshoppers v Falkirk Harp 4-1                                                   

26th Sep Comely Park v Stirling Olympic 7-0

26th Sep Barnsmuir v Grahamston 2-0

26th Sep Campsie v Camelon 2-0

26th Sep Dunipace v Carron 3-0                                                                      

26th Sep Black Watch v King's Park 1-1

10th Oct King's Park v Black Watch 13-0

26th Sep Laurieston v Central 4-0                                                                   

3rd Oct Kilsyth Wanderers v Longcroft 2-3

Lochside Athletic bye


Second round

17th Oct Barnsmuir v Falkirk 0-3

17th Oct Dunipace v Campsie 0-2                                                                   

17th Oct Lochside Athletic v King's Park 3-5 (Result was protested, grounds unknown.)

7th Nov Lochside Athletic v King's Park 3-7

24th Oct Grasshoppers v Longcroft W-L

East Stirlingshire, Comely Park, Central byes


Third round

21st Nov Falkirk v King's Park 4-4

21st Nov Campsie v East Stirlingshire 0-0

28th Nov East Stirlingshire v Campsie 3-1

21st Nov Comely Park v Central 1-1

28th Nov Central v Comely Park 6-3                                                              

28th Nov King's Park v Falkirk 6-1

Grasshoppers  bye


Semi final

23rd Jan East Stirlingshire v Grasshoppers 4-0

23rd Jan Central v King's Park 1-4                                                                   


Final (at Victoria Park (Camelon FC) att 4000)

20th Feb East Stirlingshire v King's Park 2-2

East Stirlingshire: Sharp; Mitchell & Rae; Inch, Johnston & Hutchison; Wilson & Reid, McLauchlan, Stewart & Dunn.

King's Park: Angus; Wilson & Miller; McLaren(Capt), Gow & Robertson; Gray & Taylor, Thallon, Munro & Eadie.

Scorers - McLauchlan(2) : Munro, Thallon.


At half-time, Rae replaced the injured Sharp in goal, Dunn replaced Rae at back, however Sharp remained on the pitch, and once controvertially fisted the ball out of goal, but nothing came of it.


Final replay (at Victoria Park (Camelon FC))

6th Mar East Stirlingshire v King's Park 3-1            

East Stirlingshire: J.Dougal; P.Mitchell & A.Rae; A.Inch & R.Johnston; R.Wilson & W.Reid, H.Brand & L.McLauchlan, J.Stewart & W.Dunn.

King's Park: J.Angus; R.Wilson & W.W.Millar; J.McLaren & J.Gow; R.Taylor & J.Gray, G.Thallon & P.Eadie, A.Munro & O.Robertson.

Scorers - McLauchlan, OG, Wilson : Taylor                                                  



First round                                 

25th Sep Harp v Carron 6-1 

25th Sep Grahamston v Laurieston 3-0 (Grahamston disqualified)

25th Sep Vale of Bannock v East Stirlingshire 1-9                                

25th Sep Avondale v Falkirk 2-2

9th Oct Falkirk v Avondale 11-0                                                                  

25th Sep Kilsyth Wanderers v Camelon 1-5                                           

25th Sep Slamannan v Thistle 3-2 (Slamannan disqualified)

25th Sep Gairdoch v Olympic 9-0                                                               

25th Sep Blackwood Rovers v King's Park 0-5                                       

25th Sep Longcroft v Vale of Forth 4-2                                                    

Comely Park v Grangemouth scr-wo                                                       

Dunipace v Campsie scr-wo


Second round

30th Oct East Stirlingshire v Longcroft 11-0                                            

30th Oct Falkirk v Laurieston 4-1                                                                

30th Oct Thistle v Harp 2-2  

6th Nov Harp v Thistle 3-2    (At Merchiston Park (East Stirlingshire FC))

30th Oct Gairdoch v Camelon 1-8                                                              

30th Oct Campsie v Grangemouth 7-1                                                    

King's Park bye                         


Third round

20th Nov Falkirk v Harp 8-3                                                                          

20th Nov Campsie v King's Park 6-6                                                                                                                            

Camelon, East Stirlingshire byes


Semi final

22nd Jan East Stirlingshire v Campsie 2-1                                                                                                                 

5th Feb Falkirk v Camelon 2-1                                                                     


Final (At Victoria Park (Camelon FC))                                                      

5th Mar East Stirlingshire v Falkirk 1-0                                                                                                                       




First round                                                                                                          

22nd Oct Blackwood Rovers v Grangemouth 2-5                                

22nd Oct Vale of Forth v Barnsmuir 3-2                                                  

29th Oct Stenhousemuir v Camelon 1-5 (Protested)

12th Nov Stenhousemuir v Camelon 1-8

29th Oct Falkirk v Dunipace 9-0                                                                  

29th Oct Erin Rovers v East Stirlingshire 0-6                                           

29th Oct Slamannan v Rumford Rovers 15-2                                         

29th Oct King's Park v Grahamston 8-0                                                   

29th Oct Campsie v Laurieston 11-1                                                         

29th Oct Milton of Campsie v West Carron 3-0 (Milton of Campsie disqualified)

29th Oct Redding Athletic v Vale of Bannock 3-5                                

29th Oct Campsie Glen v Gairdoch 4-0 (Campsie Glen disqualified)

29th Oct Kilsyth Wanderers v Bridge of Allan 9-4 (Both teams disqualified)


Second round

9th Nov Camelon v East Stirlingshire 3-4                                                

9th Nov Gairdoch v King's Park 0-4                                                           

Campsie v West Carron wo-scr                                                                  

Vale of Forth, Vale of Bannock, Falkirk, Grangemouth,  Slamannan byes


Third round     

10th Dec King's Park v East Stirlingshire 3-5                                                                                                             

10th Dec Falkirk v Vale of Forth 10-1                                                                                                                          

10th Dec Campsie v Grangemouth 3-1                                                                                                                      

10th Dec Vale of Bannock v Slamannan 3-2


Semi final                                     

11th Feb East Stirlingshire v Campsie 8-0                                                                                                                 

11th Feb Vale of Bannock v Falkirk 1-2 (Protested)

25th Feb Vale of Bannock v Falkirk 2-2                                                                                                                      

3rd Mar Falkirk v Vale of Bannock 4-1


Final (At Victoria Park (Camelon FC)                                                                                                                                       

31st Mar East Stirlingshire v Falkirk 9-0                                                    




First round                                 

27th Oct East Stirlingshire v Laurieston 11-2                                               

27th Oct Campsie v Falkirk 9-1                                                                         

27th Oct Grangemouth v Slamannan 3-2 (Protested)

10th Nov Slamannan v Grangemouth 2-0

27th Oct Camelon v Kilsyth Wanderers 4-5                                                

27th Oct Gairdoch v Rumford Rovers 4-0                                                    

27th Oct Southfield v Carron Athletic 5-2                                                    

27th Oct Dunipace v Strathcarron Athletic 2-4 (Strathcarron disqualified)

27th Oct King's Park v Redding Athletic 15-1                                              

Vale of Bannock v Grahamston wo-scr                                                        

Bridge of Allan v Vale of Carron wo-scr                                                        

10th Nov Alva v Stenhousemuir 4-0                                                              


Second round 

17th Nov Southfield v Gairdoch 0-6                                                               

17th Nov King's Park v Campsie5- 0                                                               

17th Nov Alva v Dunipace 2-5 (Protested)

22nd Dec Dunipace v Alva 7-6


Third round     

8th Dec East Stirlingshire v King's Park 2-1                                                  

8th Dec Gairdoch v Kilsyth Wanderers 2-5                                                  

8th Dec Slamannan v Vale of Bannock 7-0                                                  

12th Jan Dunipace v Bridge of Allan 9-3


Semi final        

9th Feb East Stirlingshire v Dunipace 5-2                                                     

11th Feb Kilsyth Wanderers v Slamannan 2-3


Final (At Victoria Park (Camelon FC))                                                           

2nd Mar East Stirlingshire v Slamannan 7-0                                                




First round                                                                                     

26th Oct Slamannan v Grahamston 6-2                              

26th Oct King's Park v Vale of Bannock 13-0                     

26th Oct Grasshoppers v Alva 1-10                                      

26th Oct Denny v Barnsmuir 8-0                                           

26th Oct Southfield Rangers v Dunipace 2-2                    

26th Oct East Stirlingshire v Falkirk 2-5                               

26th Oct Stenhousemuir v Campsie Hibs 10-1                 

26th Oct Bridge of Allan v Stirling Garrison 5-1                

26th Oct Gairdoch v Campsie 7-0                                          

2nd Nov Camelon v Grangemouth 1-4                               

2nd Nov Laurieston v Kilsyth Wanderers 1-0                   

Rumford Rovers v Carron Athletic wo-scr                         


Second round                                                                               

2nd Nov Dunipace v Southfield Rangers 7-1                    

16th Nov Bridge of Allan v Rumford Rovers 13-0           

16th Nov Gairdoch v Denny 6-1                                            

16th Nov Falkirk v Laurieston 6-2                                          

16th Nov Dunipace v Alva 6-6                                                

23rd Nov Alva v Dunipace 8-0                                                


Third round                                                                                   

7th Dec Grangemouth v Alva 3-4                                          

7th Dec King's Park v Grahamston 7-0                                

7th Dec Gairdoch v Bridge of Allan 8-2                               

7th Dec Stenhousemuir v Falkirk 0-11                                


Semi final                                                                                      

8th Feb King's Park v Falkirk 2-6                                            

8th Feb Gairdoch v Alva 3-2                                                    


Final (At Merchiston Park (E Stirling FC))                              

8th Mar Falkirk v Gairdoch 9-0                                               




First round                                                                                                         

1st Nov Campsie v Falkirk 2-4                                                               

1st Nov Camelon v Kilsyth Wanderers 8-3                                      

1st Nov Gairdoch v Alva 5-0                                                                  

1st Nov Laurieston v Bridge of Allan 3-2                                          

1st Nov Stenhousemuir v Southfield Rangers 5-1                       

1st Nov Grahamston Corinthians v Kilsyth Standard 5-2           

1st Nov Grangemouth v Milton of Campsie 5-1                           

1st Nov Rumford Rovers v East Stirlingshire 1-9                           

1st Nov Denny v Grasshoppers 7-1                                                   

1st Nov King's Park v Sons of the Rock 8-3                                      

1st Nov Campsie Hibernian v Dunipace 4-0                                    

Slamannan v Vale of Bannock wo-scr                                               


Second round                                                                                                   

22nd Nov Camelon v King's Park 2-4 (Result protested)

29th Nov Camelon v King's Park 1-3

22nd Nov Gairdoch v Falkirk 0-1 (Abandoned at half time)

29th Nov Gairdoch v Falkirk 1-7

22nd Nov Laurieston v Stenhousemuir 1-1                                    

29th Nov Laurieston v Stenhousemuir 2-1                                     

29th Nov Grangemouth v Grahamston Corinthians 8- 0                 


Third round                                                                                                       

13th Dec Falkirk v King's Park 1-5                                                        

13th Dec Denny v Grangemouth 0-1                                                 

13th Dec Campsie Hibernian v Laurieston 1-6                               

27th Dec Slamannan v East Stirlingshire 5-1 (Abandoned after 80 mins)

17th Jan Slamannan v East Stirlingshire 3-4                                    


Semi finalddPark [E Stirling FC]d a second goalanmuir had scratched from the competition                                                                                                     

17th Jan Grangemouth v Laurieston 4-0                                          

24th Jan King's Park v East Stirlingshire (Postponed)                  

7th Feb King's Park v East Stirlingshire 1-1                                      

Sat 14th  King's Park v East Stirlingshire 1-4                                    


Final (At Victoria Park (Camelon FC FC))                                               

21st Feb East Stirlingshire v Grangemouth 4-1                              




First round                                                                                                        

31st Oct Stenhousemuir v Falkirk 1-5                                             

31st Oct Kilsyth Wanderers v Camelon 4-4

7th Nov Camelon v Kilsyth Wanderers 3-3 (Both go through)      

31st Oct Grasshoppers v East Stirlingshire 0-9                            

31st Oct Grangemouth v Vale of Bannock 10-0                          

31st Oct Gairdoch v Sons of the Rock 5-0                                      

31st Oct Slamannan Rovers v Slamannan 5-2                              

31st Oct King's Park v Denny 3-1 (Match abandoned)

14th Nov King's Park 5 Denny 5-0

31st Oct Laurieston v Bridge of Allan 4-2                                       

31st Oct Dunipace v Kilsyth Standard 12-2                                    

31st Oct Rumford Rovers v Vale of Endrick 6-7                           

Campsie v Alva wo-scr                                                                          


Second round                                                                                                  

21st Nov East Stirlingshire v King's Park 7-2                                  

21st Nov Kilsyth Wanderers v Dunipace 8-3                                

21st Nov Campsie v Vale of Endrick 10-1                                       

28th Nov Falkirk v Slamannan Rovers 4-1                                     


Third round                                                                                                       

12th Dec Falkirk v Laurieston 3-2                                                      

12th Dec Grangemouth v East Stirlingshire 2-0                           

19th Dec Gairdoch v Kilsyth Wanderers 3-2                                 

19th Dec Campsie v Camelon 9 0                                                      


Semi final                                                                                                  

23rd Jan Gairdoch v Campsie 4-6                                                      

30th Jan Falkirk v Grangemouth 3-1                                                


Final (At Forthbank Park (King's Pk FC))                                                

13th Feb Campsie v Falkirk 4-1                                                          




First round                                      

29th Oct Dunipace v Grasshoppers 3-1                                                                                  

29th Oct Kilsyth Wanderers v Sons of the Rock 5-0 (Result protested)

19th Nov Kilsyth Wanderers v Sons of the Rock 7-1

29th Oct Alva v Kilsyth Standard 7-2                                                                                        

29th Oct Laurieston v Camelon 3-7                                                                                          

29th Oct East Stirlingshire v Denny 5-0                                                                                   

29th Oct Falkirk v Grangemouth 3-1                                                                                        

29th Oct Vale of Bannock v Slamannan Rovers 0-7                                                           

12th Nov King's Park v Bridge of Allan 7-1                                                                             

12th Nov Slamannan v Stenhousemuir 1-3                                                                          

Strathblane v Rumford Rovers wo-scr                                                                                   

Gairdoch v Vale of Endrick wo-scr                                                                                            


Second round 

10th Dec Campsie v Dunipace 4-2                                                                                            

10th Dec Stenhousemuir v Camelon 2-1                                                                               

10th Dec Strathblane v Kilsyth Wanderers 2-7                                                                    

17th Dec Alva v Slamannan Rovers 2-4


Third round     

21st Jan Stenhousemuir v Gairdoch 1-4                                                                                 

21st Jan East Stirlingshire v Slamannan Rovers 5-3                                                            

21st Jan Campsie v Falkirk 4-3 (Result protested)

4th Feb Campsie v Falkirk 2-4

21st Jan Kilsyth Wanderers v King's Park 3-2                                                                        


Semi final        

11th Feb Gairdoch v East Stirlingshire 2-3                                                                             

25th Feb Falkirk v Kilsyth Wanderers 3-4


Final (At Brockville Park (Falkirk FC))                                                                                      

11th Mar East Stirlingshire v Kilsyth Wanderers 2-1                                                          




First round                                     

28th Oct Falkirk v Camelon 5-2                                                                                                  

28th Oct Dunipace v Slamannan Rovers 1-1                                                                         

28th Oct King's Park v Denny 3-1 (Result protested)

11th Nov King's Park v Denny 8-2

28th Oct Laurieston v Bridge of Allan 2-4                                                                               

28th Oct Grasshoppers v Gairdoch 1-3                                                                                   

28th Oct Grangemouth v Kilsyth Hibernian 3-3 (Result protested)

18th Nov Grangemouth v Kilsyth Hibernian 5-1

11th Nov Kilsyth Wanderers v Alva 8-1                                                                                                  

4th Nov Slamannan Rovers v Dunipace 3-5 (Result protested)

11th Nov Slamannan Rovers v Dunipace 2-0

Vale of Bannock v Stenhousemuir scr-wo                                                                            

Slamannan v Vale of Endrick wo-scr                                                                                        


Second round 

18th Nov Bridge of Allan v East Stirlingshire 0-3                                                                  

18th Nov Slamannan Rovers v Stenhousemuir 2-3 (Result protested)

2nd Dec Stenhousemuir v Slamannan Rovers 2-1 (at Merchiston Park)


Third round

9th Dec Grangemouth v Kilsyth Wanderers 3-3

13th Jan Grangemouth v Kilsyth Wanderers 2-0                                                                

16th Dec East Stirlingshire v Slamannan 3-0                                                                         

16th Dec Falkirk v Stenhousemuir 4-0                                                                                    

16th Dec King's Park v Gairdoch 3-3                                                                                         

23rd Dec Gairdoch v King's Park 4-2                                                                                         


Semi final        

20th Jan East Stirlingshire v Grangemouth 5-1                                                                    

20th Jan Falkirk v Gairdoch 2-3                                                                                                  


Final (at Brockville Pk, Falkirk)

3rd Mar East Stirlingshire v Gairdoch 5-0




First round                                                 

27th Oct Dunipace v Stenhousemuir 3-4                                                                               

27th Oct Falkirk v Grasshoppers 9-0 

27th Oct Kilsyth Hibernian v Kilsyth Wanderers 1-2                                                          

27th Oct East Stirlingshire 6 Slamannan 6-4                                                                          

27th Oct Camelon v Alva 2-2

3rd Nov Alva v Camelon 2-3 (Match abandoned)

10th Nov Alva v Camelon 3-5              

27th Oct King's Park v Slamannan Rovers 2-1                                                                      

Gairdoch v Grangemouth wo-scr      


Second round 

17th Nov East Stirlingshire v Gairdoch 1-2                                                                             

17th Nov Camelon v Kilsyth Wanderers 4-5 (Result protested)

15th Dec Camelon v Kilsyth Wanderers 0-5

17th Nov Falkirk v King's Park 5-5      

1st Dec King's Park v Falkirk 2-3

Stenhousemuir v Laurieston wo-scr


Semi final        

19th Jan Falkirk v Gairdoch 9-0           

23rd Feb Kilsyth Wanderers v Stenhousemuir 2-2                                                            

2nd Mar Stenhousemuir v Kilsyth Wanderers 5-1


Final (at Merchiston Pk)                       

16th Mar Falkirk v Stenhousemuir 5-2




19th Oct Kilsyth Wanderers v King's Park 2-0                                                                       

19th Oct Stenhousemuir v East Stirlingshire 3-3

16th Nov East Stirlingshire v Stenhousemuir 2-2

18th Jan Stenhousemuir v East Stirlingshire 5-2

19th Oct Slamannan v Rumford Rovers 3-2                                                                          

19th Oct Dunipace v Falkirk 2-3   

19th Oct Gairdoch v Grasshoppers 4-2 (Result protested)

9th Nov Grasshoppers v Gairdoch 1-0

19th Oct Camelon v Denny Athletic 6-2                                                                                 


Second round 

16th Nov Grasshoppers v Slamannan 4-1                                                                             

23rd Nov Kilsyth Wanderers v Kilsyth Hibernian 3-1                                                         

25th Jan Falkirk v Stenhousemuir 4-1


Semi final        

15th Feb Falkirk v Grasshoppers 7-2                                                                                       

15th Feb Kilsyth Wanderers v Camelon 3-1


Final (at Merchiston Pk)                

7th Mar Falkirk v Kilsyth Wanderers 6-1




First round – 2 legs                                                                                                                                        

31st Oct Denny Athletic v King's Park 1-4

14th Nov King's Park v Denny Athletic 1-0 (Abandoned - 80 mins)

21st Nov King's Park v Denny Athletic 5-1                                                                             

31st Oct East Stirlingshire v Dunipace 6-0

7th Nov Dunipace v East Stirlingshire 1-2                                                                              

31st Oct Falkirk v Camelon 2-3        

14th Nov Camelon v Falkirk 2-0      

31st Oct Kilsyth Wanderers v Grasshoppers 5-1                                                                                 

7th Nov Grasshoppers v Kilsyth Wanderers3- 5                                                                                 

 Stenhousemuir v Slamannan wo-scr                                                                                     

 Rumford Rovers v Kilsyth Hibernian wo-scr


Second round – 2 legs                       

28th Nov Kilsyth Wanderers v King's Park 5-1

5th Dec King's Park v Kilsyth Wanderers 4-1 (Tie protested)

16th Jan Kilsyth Wanderers v King's Park 4-1

13th Feb King's Park v Kilsyth Wanderers 2-2                                                                      

28th Nov Rumford Rovers v Stenhousemuir 2-2                                                                

5th Dec Stenhousemuir v Rumford Rovers 13-2                                                                


Semi final – 2 legs                               

16th Jan East Stirlingshire v Camelon 3-1                                                                               

23rd Jan Camelon v East Stirlingshire 0-3                                                                                               

20th Feb Kilsyth Wanderers v Stenhousemuir 0-3                                                            

27th Feb Stenhousemuir v Kilsyth Wanderers 3-1 (Result protested)

6th Mar Stenhousemuir v Kilsyth Wanderers 2-1


Final (at Brockville Pk)                       

13th Mar East Stirlingshire v Stenhousemuir 4-1



First round – 2 legs                                                                                                                        

16th Oct King's Park v Grasshoppers 2-1

30th Oct Grasshoppers v King's Park 1-2                                                                               

16th Oct Kilsyth Wanderers v Falkirk 2-5

30th Oct Falkirk v Kilsyth Wanderers 6-2                                                                               

16th Oct Rumford Rovers v Dunipace 4-4

30th Oct Dunipace v Rumford Rovers 6-0                                                                             

23rd Oct Denny Athletic v Stenhousemuir 4-4                                                                    

30th Oct Stenhousemuir v Denny Athletic 7-0                                                                    

Falkirk Amateurs v East Stirlingshire wo-scr                                                                         


Second round – 2 legs

13th Nov Camelon v Falkirk Amateurs 8-1

27th Nov Falkirk Amateurs v Camelon 2-4                                                                            

13th Nov Dunipace v King's Park 3-1                                                                                       

27th Nov King's Park v Dunipace 2-5                                                                                       


Semi final – 2 legs                            

15th Jan Camelon v Stenhousemuir 9-1

29th Jan Stenhousemuir v Camelon 3-3

15th Jan Dunipace v Falkirk 0-1    

29th Jan Falkirk v Dunipace 3-1    


Final (at Merchiston Pk)

26th Feb Camelon v Falkirk 6-5




First round – 2 legs                                                                                                                                        

15th Oct Falkirk v Camelon 6-2          

29th Oct Camelon v Falkirk 8-1

15th Oct King's Park v East Stirlingshire 2-2

29th Oct East Stirlingshire v King's Park 2-3                                                                           

15th Oct Grasshoppers v Stenhousemuir 2-5

29th Oct Stenhousemuir v Grasshoppers 2-0                                                                      

15th Oct Dunipace v Falkirk Amateurs 5-0

29th Oct Falkirk Amateurs v Dunipace 1-2 (at Brockville Pk)

Slamannan v Denny Athletic wo-scr                                                                                        


Second round – 2 legs

12th Nov King's Park v Dunipace 4-1                                                                                       

26th Nov Dunipace v King's Park 0-0                                                                                       

26th Nov Kilsyth Wanderers v Camelon 4-1                                                                         

3rd Dec Camelon v Kilsyth Wanderers 3-2 ( Protest upheld)

10th Dec Kilsyth Wanderers v Camelon 0-1                                                                          

21st Jan Camelon v Kilsyth Wanderers 3-1


Semi final – 2 legs                                  

4th Feb King's Park v Slamannan 4-1

11th Feb Slamannan v King's Park 2-3                                                                                     

11th Feb Camelon v Stenhousemuir 2-1                                                                               

18th Feb Stenhousemuir v Camelon 1-1


Final (at Merchiston Pk)

11th Mar King's Park v Camelon 4-2




First round – 2 legs                                                                                                                                        

21st Oct King's Park v Camelon 2-2                                                                                          

28th Oct Camelon v King's Park 4-2                                                                                          

Kilsyth Wanderers v East Stirlingshire wo-scr                                                                      

Slamannan v Stenhousemuir scr-wo                                                                                      

Alloa Athletic v Grasshoppers wo-scr


Second round – 2 legs                    

11th Nov Camelon v Kilsyth Wanderers 6-1

18th Nov Kilsyth Wanderers v Camelon 3-0                                                                         

11th Nov Dunipace v Falkirk Amateurs 5-4 (abandoned after 76 mins)

18th Nov Dunipace v Falkirk Amateurs 4-4                                                                           

25th Nov Falkirk Amateurs v Dunipace 4-1                                                                           

Alloa Athletic v Falkirk wo-scr


Semi final – 2 legs                            

20th Jan Stenhousemuir v Falkirk Amateurs 4-1

3rd Feb Falkirk Amateurs v Stenhousemuir 1-5                                                                  

27th Jan Alloa Athletic v Camelon 1-2                                                                                     

3rd Feb Camelon v Alloa Athletic 1-0


Final (at Merchiston Pk)                

24th Feb Stenhousemuir v Camelon 2-1



First round                                                                                                                                         

27th Oct Camelon v King's Park 3-1                                                                                          

27th Oct Alloa Athletic v Falkirk Amateurs 2-3                                                                     

8th Dec Falkirk v Stenhousemuir 1-1                                                                                       

22nd Dec Stenhousemuir v Falkirk 3-2                                                                                   

Dunipace v East Stirlingshire scr-wo


Semi final        

9th Feb Camelon v Falkirk Amateurs 3-3

16th Feb Falkirk Amateurs v Camelon 0-3                                                                             

9th Feb East Stirlingshire v Stenhousemuir 5-2                                                                   


Final (at Brockville Pk)                    

2nd Mar East Stirlingshire v Camelon 3-2




First round                                                                                                                                         

26th Oct King's Park v East Stirlingshire 1-3                                                                           

26th Oct Dunipace v Camelon 1-2                                                                                            

26th Oct Stenhousemuir v Falkirk 1-1

18th Jan Falkirk v Stenhousemuir 1-2                                                                                     

26th Oct Alloa Athletic v Falkirk Amateurs 4-2                                                                     


Semi final        

15th Feb Camelon v Alloa Athletic 3-2                                                                                    

15th Feb East Stirlingshire v Stenhousemuir 0-1


Final (at Merchiston Pk)

1st Mar Stenhousemuir v Camelon 1-0




First Round

24th Jan Falkirk v Falkirk Amateurs 5-1

24th Jan East Stirlingshire v Camelon 9-0

24th Jan Stenhousemuir v King's Park 8-1

Alloa Athletic bye


Semi final

14 Feb Falkirk v East Stirlingshire 1-3

28 Feb Alloa Athletic v Stenhousemuir 1-1 (att 4000)

14 Mar Stenhousemuir v Alloa Athletic 3-2


Final (at Brockville Park, Falkirk)

28 Mar East Stirlingshire v Stenhousemuir 0-0

4 Apr East Stirlingshire v Stenhousemuir 3-0 (att 4000)




First Round

16 Jan Falkirk v King's Park 6-1

16 Jan East Stirlingshire v Grahamston Amateurs 1-0

16 Jan Stenhousemuir v Falkirk Amateurs 6-2

16 Jan Camelon v Alloa Athletic 2-4


Semi final

13 Feb Falkirk v Alloa Athletic 2-0 (att 3000)

20 Feb, 27 Feb, 5 Mar East Stirlingshire v Stenhousemuir 2-2 (att 3000)

27 Feb Stenhousemuir v East Stirlingshire 1-1 (att 3000)

5 Mar East Stirlingshire v Stenhousemuir 0-2 (at Brockville Park att 4000)

First game att 3000, second game att 3000, third game, at Brockville att 4000


Final (at Ochilview Pk, Stenhousemuir,  att 4000)

12 Mar Falkirk v East Stirlingshire 4-3 (Abandoned 75 mins due to pitch invasion by ES supporters. Result stood.)





First Round

21 Jan Falkirk v Falkirk Amateurs 3-0 (att 1200)

21 Jan Alloa Athletic v Camelon 2-2

28 Jan Camelon v Alloa Athletic 0-3

21 Jan Stenhousemuir v King's Park 1-2

East Stirlingshire bye


Semi final

4 Mar Falkirk v Alloa Athletic 2-2

11 Mar Alloa Athletic v Falkirk 0-2 (att 3000) declared a friendly from half time due to state of pitch

18 Mar Alloa Athletic v Falkirk 4-2 (att 4000)

25 Feb East Stirlingshire v King's Park 1-0



25 Mar Alloa Athletic v East Stirlingshire 1-0 (at Brockville Pk, Falkirk  att 4000)




First Round

20 Jan King's Park v East Stirlingshire 0-1

30 Dec Falkirk v Stenhousemuir 4-1 (att 4000)

Falkirk Amateurs, Alloa Athletic byes


Semi final

17 Feb Falkirk v Falkirk Amateurs 3-0

17 Feb East Stirlingshire v Alloa Athletic 1-1

24 Feb Alloa Athletic v East Stirlingshire 2-1


Final (at Merchiston Pk, Bainsford att 4000)

31 Mar Falkirk v Alloa Athletic 3-2




First Round

19 Jan King's Park v Carron Amateurs 5-0

19 Jan Falkirk v East Stirlingshire 1-4

19 Jan Alloa Athletic v Falkirk Amateurs 6-0

Stenhousemuir bye


Semi final

23 Feb King's Park v East Stirlingshire 1-3

23 Feb Alloa Athletic v Stenhousemuir 4-0


Final (at Brockville Pk, Falkirk  att 5000)

30 Mar East Stirlingshire v Alloa Athletic 2-0




First Round

Falkirk were originally given a bye, but Clackmannan were admitted after the draw had been made

1 Feb Alloa Athletic v Falkirk Amateurs 4-1

15 Feb Falkirk v Clackmannan 7-0

1 Feb Stenhousemuir v King's Park 0-3 (Protested)

7 Mar Stenhousemuir v King's Park 0-1

East Stirlingshire v Carron Amateurs wo-scr


Semi final

7 Mar East Stirlingshire v Falkirk 1-0

14 Mar Alloa Athletic v King's Park 6-0


Final (at Brockville Pk, Falkirk att 5000) 

29 Mar Alloa Athletic v East Stirlingshire 1-1

18 Apr Alloa Athletic v East Stirlingshire 1-0




First Round

26 Dec Falkirk v Falkirk Amateurs 5-0 (also reported as 4-0)

30 Jan East Stirlingshire v Clackmannan 5-1

13 Feb Alloa Athletic v Stenhousemuir 6-0

23 Jan King's Park v Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders 0-3


Semi final

20 Feb Alloa Athletic v Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders 2-2

27 Feb Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders v Alloa Athletic 0-4

16 Apr East Stirlingshire v Falkirk  1-1 (abandoned due to darkness)

20 Apr East Stirlingshire v Falkirk 1-1

23 Apr Falkirk v East Stirlingshire 5-0


Final (at Recreation Pk, Alloa (Alloa Athletic FC))

24 Apr Alloa Athletic v Falkirk 2-1




First Round

6 Nov Falkirk v Clackmannan 4-1

30 Oct King's Park v East Stirlingshire 1-2

6 Nov Alloa Athletic v Stenhousemuir 3-0

Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders bye


Semi final

25 Dec Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders v Alloa Athletic 0-1 (Played at Alloa)

19 Mar East Stirlingshire v Falkirk 1-2


Final (at Forthbank Pk, Stirling )

9 Apr Falkirk v Alloa Athletic 10-0




First Round

24 Sep Falkirk v Alloa Athletic 1-3

1 Oct King's Park v Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders 2-0

19 Nov Clackmannan v East Stirlingshire 1-0

Stenhousemuir bye


Semi final

7 Jan Alloa Athletic v Stenhousemuir 2-1

7 Jan Clackmannan v King's Park 0-0

28 Jan King's Park v Clackmannan 0-0 (Protested)

11 Feb King's Park v Clackmannan 3-1 (at Forthbank, Stirling)


Final (at Brockville Pk, Falkirk)

11 Mar King's Park v Alloa Athletic 1-0




First Round

Falkirk v Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders wo-scr

18 Nov Clackmannan v King's Park 0-0 (friendly played instead – no official referee)

25 Nov Clackmannan v King's Park 1-1

2 Dec King's Park v Clackmannan 3-1

25 Nov East Stirlingshire v Stenhousemuir 1-1

30 Dec Stenhousemuir v East Stirlingshire 4-1 (East Stirling had sent a scratch XI as they had two other matches this day)

Alloa Athletic bye


Semi final

6 Jan Stenhousemuir v Alloa Athletic 2-2

17 Feb Alloa Athletic v Stenhousemuir 2-0

9 Mar Falkirk v King's Park 0-1


Final (at Brockville Pk, Falkirk)

30 Mar King's Park v Alloa Athletic 1-0



First Round

9 Nov Alloa Athletic v Clackmannan 2-0

2 Jan King's Park v East Stirlingshire 2-0 (att 1500)

Stenhousemuir, Falkirk


Semi final

22 Mar Stenhousemuir v King's Park 2-3

8 Feb Falkirk v Alloa Athletic 0-1


Final (at Brockville Pk, Falkirk)

26 Apr Alloa Athletic v King's Park 0-0


Final replay (at Forthbank Pk, Stirling  (no extra time – crowd invasion)

28 Apr Alloa Athletic v King's Park 1-1


Final 2nd replay (at Recreation Pk, Alloa)

30 Aug 1913 Alloa Athletic v King's Park 5-0




First round

1 Nov Falkirk v Clackmannan 2-1

3 Jan East Stirlingshire v King’s Park 1-1

28 Feb King’s Park v East Stirlingshire 0-4


Semi final

7 Feb Stenhousemuir v Falkirk 1-3

28 Mar Alloa Athletic v East Stirlingshire 0-0 (2000)

4 Apr East Stirlingshire v Alloa Athletic 2-1


Final (at Merchiston Pk, Falkirk)

18 Apr East Stirlingshire v Falkirk 2-1




First round

23 Jan Falkirk ‘A’ v Stenhousemuir 1-0

23 Jan Alloa Athletic v Clackmannan 1-1 (protested)

13 Feb Alloa Athletic v Clackmannan 2-1


Semi final

13 Mar Alloa Athletic v King’s Park 1-1

20 Mar King’s Park v Alloa Athletic 2-0

20 Mar Falkirk ‘A’ v East Stirlingshire 1-1


Final (both games at Forthbank, Stirling)

3 Apr King’s Park v Falkirk ‘A’ 1-1

10 Apr King’s Park v Falkirk ‘A’ 1-0





First round

27 Dec Stenhousemuir v Clackmannan 2-0 (att 1500)

10 Jan East Stirlingshire v Alloa Athletic 1-1

17 Jan Alloa Athletic v East Stirlingshire 1-2


Semi final

21 Feb Falkirk v Stenhousemuir 3-0

6 Mar East Stirlingshire v King’s Park 0-0 (att 2000)

13 Mar King’s Park v East Stirlingshire 1-1 (gate £118)

20 Mar King’s Park v East Stirlingshire 0-0 aet

3 Apr East Stirlingshire v King’s Park 2-0 (at Brockville att 6000)



10 Apr Falkirk ‘A’ v East Stirlingshire 1-1 (at Brockville att 6000)

24 Apr Falkirk ‘A’ v East Stirlingshire 3-1 (at Brockville att 6000)




First round

3 Jan Stenhousemuir v Alloa Athletic 0-1

3 Jan Clackmannan v King’s Park 2-1


Semi final

19 Mar Clackmannan v Falkirk 0-0 (att 2000)

2 Apr Falkirk v Clackmannan 3-0

16 Apr Alloa Athletic v East Stirlingshire 2-0


Final (at Brockville Pk, Falkirk att 6000)

30 Apr Falkirk v Alloa Athletic 0-1




First Round        

September 13th East Stirlingshire v Clackmannan 2-1

September 14th  King’s Park v Falkirk  4-1


Semi final          

September 29th King’s Park v Stenhousemuir 1-3

October 3rd Alloa Athletic v East Stirlingshire  4-2



April 24th Stenhousemuir v Alloa Athletic 2-0



First Round        

September 5th King’s Park v Alloa Athletic 0-1

September 6th Clackmannan v East Stirlingshire                3-4


Semi final          

September 12th Stenhousemuir v East Stirlingshire 2-1

September 13th Falkirk v Alloa Athletic 4-0



April 23rd Falkirk v Stenhousemuir 2-0




First Round        

August 22nd   Falkirk v Stenhousemuir  3-1

August 22nd   King’s Park v Clackmannan 2-1


Semi final          

September 4th  Alloa Athletic v King’s Park  2-1

October 13th   Falkirk v East Stirlingshire 1-1

April 7th East Stirlingshire v Falkirk 2-0



April 24th East Stirlingshire v Alloa Athletic 1-0



First Round        

August 27th   Falkirk v Alloa Athletic   1-4

August 27th   Stenhousemuir v King’s Park 3-3

September 3rd   King’s Park v Stenhousemuir 2-0


Semi final          

September 1st   Alloa Athletic v Falkirk Amateurs 3-0

September 17th   East Stirlingshire v King’s Park 1-0



April 24th  Alloa Athletic v East Stirlingshire 1-0



First Round        

August 19th Stenhousemuir v Larbert Amateurs               2-0

August 25th   Clackmannan v Alloa Athletic  0-4

August 26th   East Stirlingshire v Falkirk  1-2

August 26th   King’s Park v Falkirk Amateurs 5-0


Semi final          

September 2nd   King’s Park v Falkirk        1-2

September 16th   Stenhousemuir v Alloa Athletic 3-1


Final      (at Firs Park, Falkirk, att 2000)

April 29th Stenhousemuir v Falkirk 1-2 



First Round        

August 25th   Falkirk v Larbert Amateurs 7-2

August 25th   King’s Park v Clackmannan 5-1        (att 2500)           

August 25th   Bo’ness v Stenhousemuir  3-0     (att 1200

August 30th   Alloa Athletic v East Stirlingshire  1-1

September 7th   East Stirlingshire v Alloa Athletic 0-1 (att 2000)


Semi final          

September 15th   Falkirk v Alloa Athletic  3-0  (att2000)         

September 15th  Bo’ness v King’s Park 4-1  (att 2500)     


Final (at Firs Park (att 5000))      

April 20th   Bo’ness v Falkirk 1-3



First Round        

August 15th East Stirlingshire v Falkirk 2-0 (att 2500)                


Second Round  

August 17th - Bo’ness v Larbert Amateurs 7-2

August 29th East Stirlingshire v Alloa Athletic 5-0

August 22nd Stenhousemuir v Falkirk Amateurs                4-1

August 31st King’s Park v Clackmannan   5-0


Semi final          

September 7th King’s Park v East Stirlingshire 6-6

September 13th East Stirlingshire v King’s Park 3-0  (att 3000)    

September 14th Bo’ness v Stenhousemuir 3-2   (att 1500)    


Final      (at Brockville)

April 23rd East Stirlingshire v Bo’ness 1-0



First Round        

August 14th   Alloa Athletic v Larbert Amateurs  7-0

August 20th   East Stirlingshire v Clackmannan  6-1


Second Round  

August 22nd   Stenhousemuir v Bo’ness   3-1

August 28th   Falkirk v King’s Park   2-4

September 4th   Alloa Athletic v Falkirk Amateurs 0-1


Semi final          

September 5th   East Stirlingshire v King’s Park 2-2

September 10th   King’s Park v East Stirlingshire 2-2

September 17th   East Stirlingshire v King’s Park 5-3    (Played at Brockville)

September 11th   Stenhousemuir v Falkirk Amateurs      2-2

September 18th   Stenhousemuir v Falkirk Amateurs 1-3


Final      (at Brockville)

April 13th   East Stirlingshire v Falkirk Amateurs 3-1



First Round        

August 21st   Bo’ness v East Stirlingshire                                           0-3


Second round

August 20th   Alloa Athletic v Falkirk Amateurs   5-3

August 28th   King’s Park v Larbert Amateurs   8-1

Falkirk v Clackmannan wo-scr

September 11th  Stenhousemuir v East Stirlingshire 2-0


Semi final          

September 18th Stenhousemuir v Alloa Athletic                4-1

September 25th Falkirk v King’s Park   3-0


Final      (at Firs Park, Falkirk)

April 23rd Stenhousemuir v Falkirk 0-4



First Round        

August 13th   King’s Park v East Stirlingshire           4-2 (att 4000)


Second Round  

August 12th   Alloa Athletic v Falkirk Amateurs 8-1

August 20th   Falkirk v King’s Park 3-1

August 20th   Bo’ness v Stenhousemuir 3-3

August 26th   Stenhousemuir v Bo’ness 2-1

August 16th Larbert Amateurs v Clackmannan 2-3 (at the Recreation Ground, Alloa)


Semi final          

August 26th Alloa Athletic v Falkirk1-2 (att 3000)

September 1st   Stenhousemuir v Clackmannan 4-0


Final      (at Firs Park)

September 9th   Stenhousemuir v Falkirk 0-2



First Round

August 10th   King’s Park v Larbert Amateurs 3-3

August 19th  King’s Park v Larbert Amateurs 8-0


Second Round

September 1st   Falkirk Amateurs v Bo’ness  0-7 (at Bo’ness)

March 30th Falkirk v Alloa Athletic            2-1

April 6th  King’s Park v East Stirlingshire  3-4

Stenhousemuir v Clackmannan wo-scr


Semi final

April 20th Stenhousemuir v Bo’ness 3-2

April 23rd East Stirlingshire v Falkirk 1-0



April 30th  East Stirlingshire v Stenhousemuir 4-2




First Round        

Aug 16th   Alloa Athletic v Stenhousemuir  0-1

Aug 31st   King’s Park v Larbert Amateurs  3-1 (or 4-1)

Aug 31st    Bo’ness v Falkirk Amateurs    3-2

Sept 7th   Falkirk v East Stirlingshire  7-1 (att 7000)


Semi final          

Falkirk v Bo’ness wo-scr

Feb 18th   Stenhousemuir v King’s Park 2-1


Final      (at Brockville att 4000)

April 19th  Falkirk v Stenhousemuir    2-4



First Round        

Aug 22nd   Alloa Athletic v Bo’ness    2-1 (att 1000)

Sep 12th Stenhousemuir v East Stirlingshire  1-2

Sept 19th   Falkirk v Falkirk Amateurs   5-1

Sept 6th   King’s Park v Larbert Ams  2-0


Semi final          

March 10th   Alloa Athletic v Falkirk     2-1

April 18th   East Stirlingshire v King’s Park    3-0


Final – 2 legs

April 23rd   East Stirlingshire v Alloa Athletic 2-4

April 28th   Alloa Athletic v East Stirlingshire 1-2



First Round        

Aug 29th   Larbert Amateurs v East Stirlingshire  1-1

Sep 3rd  East Stirlingshire v Larbert Amateurs      7-0

Aug 21st   Alloa Athletic v Stenhousemuir   2-3

Falkirk v Falkirk Amateurs wo-scr


Semi final          

Feb 9th  East Stirlingshire v Falkirk     1-3 (att 4000)

Apr 17th  King’s Park v Stenhousemuir v King’s Park     2-3


Final – 2 legs     

April 24th   King’s Park v Falkirk  2-2 (att 2000)

April 29th   Falkirk v King’s Park  7-1



First Round        

Aug 27th   Alloa Athletic v Larbert Amateurs   3-1

Aug 27th   Falkirk Amateurs v Stenhousemuir         2-4

Aug 28th   East Strilingshire v Bo’ness  4-2

Sept 11th   Falkirk v King’s Park     8-3 (att 5000)


Semi final          

Feb 22nd   Alloa Athletic v Falkirk  4-2 (att 4000)

Feb 22nd   East Stirlingshire v Stenhousemuir            1-1

Apr 15th   Stenhousemuir v E. Stirlingshire            0-1


Final – 2 legs

April 21st   Alloa Athletic v East Stirlingshire   1-3 (att 2000)

April 25th   East Stirlingshire v Alloa Athletic     2-0



First Round        

August 18th   Stenhousemuir v Bo’ness                 6-2

Sept 2nd   East Stirlingshire v Alloa Athletic   1-1

Sept 15th   Alloa Athletic v East Stirlingshire 1-1

Jan 4th   East Stirlingshire v Alloa Athletic 2-5 (at Brockville)

Sept 16th   King’s Park v Falkirk    3-3 (att 1500)

Mar 24th   Falkirk v King’s Park 4-4

Mar 31st   King’s Park v Falkirk 4-2


Semi final          

April 7th   Alloa Athletic v Falkirk Amateurs  4-0

April 7th   Stenhousemuir v King’s Park    4-2


Final – 2 legs

April 21st   Stenhousemuir v Alloa Athletic 4-2

April 27th   Alloa Athletic v Stenhousemuir 2-2



First Round        

Aug 30th   King’s Park v Larbert Amateurs 5-2

Sept 7th  Alloa Athletic v Falkirk   2-2

Sept 13th   Falkirk v Alloa Athletic   6-2

Sept 7th   East Stirlingshire v Falkirk Amateurs     7-2

Sept 14th   Stenhousemuir v Bo’ness 1-2


Semi final          

Jan 29th   Falkirk v Bo’ness  2-2

April 13th   Bo’ness v Falkirk 0-5

April 18th   King’s Park v East Stirlingshire 5-1


Final – 2 legs     

April 20th   King’s Park v Falkirk   1-3

April 27th   Falkirk v King’s Park  1-0



First Round        

August 30th   East Stirlingshire v Larbert Amateurs   8-2

August 31st   Stenhousemuir v Falkirk 1-2

Sept 7th   Alloa Athletic v  King’s Park   1-2

Falkirk Amateurs bye


Semi final          

April 19th   Falkirk v East Stirlingshire 3-0

April 19th   King’s Park v Falkirk Amateurs 4-0 (att 500)


Final – 2 legs     

April 24th   King’s Park v Falkirk 1-0

April 27th   Falkirk v King’s Park 4-0



First Round        

Aug 16th   King’s Park v Alloa Athletic 3-1

Aug 26th   Falkirk v Larbert Amateurs 5-0


Semi final          

Sep 30th   King’s Park v East Stirlingshire                4-3

Oct 7th   Dumbarton v Falkirk 2-3



Falkirk v King’s Park


Competition not completed        


1939-45 - Competition suspended due to war.



First Round – 2 legs       

Sept 5th  Stirling Albion v Dumbarton                      3-2

Sept 12th  Stirling Albion v Dumbarton                   0-4

Sep 11th  Stenhousemuir v East Stirlingshire                        8-1

Second leg not played

Alloa Athletic, Falkirk byes


Semi final          

May 11th  Falkirk v Dumbarton                                               2-1

Alloa Athletic v Stenhousemuir



Competition Not Completed     



First Round        

Aug 26th  Stirling Albion v Falkirk                                                           0-1

Aug 27th East Stirlingshire v Dumbarton                                                2-2

Apr 30th  Dumbarton v East Stirlingshire                                              1-3


Semi final          

April 28th  Alloa Athletic v Falkirk                                                           1-0

May 3rd Stenhousemuir v East Stirlingshire                                          2-0


Final  (at Brockville Park)                

Aug 20th 1947 Stenhousemuir v Alloa Athletic    2-2

Sept 3rd  1947 Stenhousemuir v Alloa Athletic  1-1 (Abandoned due to fading light after 15 mins of extra time)  

Sept 10th  1947 Stenhousemuir v Alloa Athletic        0-1




First Round        

Sept 1st   Stirling Albion v Falkirk Amateurs                                 11-1

April 14th  Stenhousemuir v Alloa Athletic                                  2-6

Aug 21st  Dumbarton v East Stirlingshire                                      2-1


Semi final          

April 19th  Falkirk v Dumbarton                                      3-2

April 26th  Stirling Albion v Alloa Athletic                                      1-1

Aug 25th  1948 Alloa Athletic v Stirling Albion               3-2



Sept 14th  1948 Alloa Athletic v Falkirk                         2-2 (At Annfield Pk, Stirling 6000)

Sept 21st  1948 Falkirk v Alloa Athletic                           1-0




First Round        

April 18th  Dumbarton v Falkirk                                       7-1

April 20th  Stenhousemuir v Alloa Athletic                                   3-3


Semi final          

April 12th  East Stirlingshire v Stirling Albion                                 3-1

Dumbarton v Stenhousemuir or Alloa Athletic



Competition Not Completed     



First Round        

Aug 22nd  Falkirk v East Stirlingshire                                               2-0

Aug 24th  Alloa Athletic v Dumbarton                              3-2


Semi final          

Oct 3rd  Alloa Athletic v Stenhousemuir                         2-0

April 17th  Stirling Albion v Falkirk                                                    1-2



April 22nd  Falkirk v Alloa Athletic                                                    3-0




First Round        

Aug 23rd  Alloa Athletic v Falkirk                                                          1-1

April 11th  Falkirk v Alloa Athletic                             8-2

Sep 18th  Dumbarton v Stenhousemuir                 0-0

Apr 18th  Stenhousemuir v Dumbarton                      1-3


Semi final          

April 28th  Stirling Albion v Dumbarton                               0-0

May 8th  East Stirlingshire v Falkirk                                                     1-3

May 11th  Dumbarton v Stirling Albion                  1-1

May 17th  Dumbarton v Stirling Albion                0-6  (at Recreation Park, Alloa)  


Final – 2 legs     

May 18th  Falkirk v Stirling Albion                             3-0

May 19th  Stirling Albion v Falkirk                            1-0



First Round        

Sept 10th  Stirling Albion v Stenhousemuir                                         4-1

Sept 19th  Dumbarton v East Stirlingshire                                            4-3


Semi final          

April 26th  Falkirk v Dumbarton                                             3-0

May 1st  Alloa Athletic v Stirling Albion                                1-3


Final – 2 legs     

May 12th  Stirling Albion v Falkirk                              1-1

May 14th  Falkirk v Stirling Albion                              2-0



First Round        

Sept 9th  East Stirlingshire v Stenhousemuir                                  1-0               


Semi final          

April 25th  Falkirk v East Stirlingshire                                                  0-1

April 25th  Alloa Athletic v Dumbarton                                2-2

April 28th  Dumbarton v Alloa Athletic                  4-1



May 9th  Dumbarton v East Stirlingshire                             3-1



First Round        

Aug 18th  Stirling Albion v Alloa Athletic                             3-3

Sept 1st  Alloa Athletic v Stirling Albion               1-1

April 19th  Stirling Albion v Alloa Athletic                              4-0

Sept 7th  Falkirk v Dumbarton                                              5-0


Semi final

Sept 8th Stenhousemuir v East Stirlingshire                                      2-1            

April 26th  Falkirk v Stirling Albion                                                         2-2

April 28th  Stirling Albion v Falkirk                                                         2-0



Aug 24th 1954  Stirling Albion v Stenhousemuir                               2-1



First Round        

Sept 6th  Stirling Albion v Stenhousemuir                                           2-2

April 18th  Stirling Albion v Stenhousemuir (replay)                         1-1 (Played at Annfield)

May 6th  Stirling Albion v Stenhousemuir (2nd replay)    3-2 (Albion won toss of coin for venue)

Oct 23rd  Dumbarton v East Stirlingshire                                             2-4


Semi final           

Alloa Athletic v East Stirlingshire                wo-scr

Falkirk v Stirling Albion   scr-wo


Final – 2 legs     

May 10th  Alloa Athletic v  Stirling Albion                              1-4

May 14th  Stirling Albion v Alloa Athletic                               4-0



First Round        

Aug 22nd  Falkirk v East Stirlingshire                                                     3-0

Stirling Albion v Stenhousemuir                                 both scratched


Semi final          

March 21st  Falkirk v Dumbarton                                             6-5

Alloa Athletic gained a bye into final as both Stirling Albion and Stenhousemuir had scratched from the competition


Final – 2 legs     

April 27th  Falkirk v Alloa Athletic                                             2-2

May 5th  Alloa Athletic v Falkirk                                               6-2



First Round        

Sept 26th Falkirk v Stenhousemuir                                         4-1

Alloa Athletic v Stirling Albion                     wo-scr


Semi final          

DATE Alloa Athletic v East Stirlingshire    SCORE UNKNOWN

Dumbarton v Falkirk          wo-scr


Final – 2 legs     

April 29th  Dumbarton v Alloa Athletic                    4-2

April 30th  Alloa Athletic v Dumbarton                 1-1



First Round        

Aug 12th  Alloa Athletic v Stirling Albion                              3-3

Dec 25th  Stirling Albion v Alloa Athletic                                 1-3


Semi final          

Dec 21st  Stenhousemuir v Falkirk                                         1-0

April 23rd  Alloa Athletic v Dumbarton                                 6-0


Final – 2 legs     

May 1st  Stenhousemuir v Alloa Athletic                           3-2

May 3rd Alloa Athletic v Stenhousemuir                4-2




First Round        

Dec 8th   Dumbarton v Alloa Athletic                                          4-0

Aug 29th  Stenhousemuir v East Stirlingshire                                     1-0


Semi final          

April 20th  Stirling Albion v Falkirk                                                          4-1

Mar 10th  Stenhousemuir v Dumbarton                 1-2



May 2nd  Stirling Albion v Stenhousemuir                                           4-0



First Round        

Jan 30th  Stirling Albion v Falkirk                                                            1-1

April 8th  Falkirk v Stirling Albion                                               1-0

Oct 28th  Stenhousemuir v East Stirlingshire          3-1


Semi final          

April 19th  Alloa Athletic v Stenhousemuir                                          4-0

April 18th  Falkirk v Dumbarton                                              0-0

April 26th  Dumbarton v Falkirk                                0-2



April 29th  Falkirk v Alloa Athletic                                                           3-3

May 7th  Alloa Athletic v Falkirk                                2-2 (Alloa won 4-2 on corners)



First Round        

Oct 17th  Dumbarton v Stenhousemuir                                1-0

Oct 19th  Falkirk v East Stirlingshire                                                       7-0


Semi final          

Oct 31st  Falkirk v Dumbarton                                                 1-1

Jan 9th  Dumbarton v Falkirk                                     1-4

April 12th  Alloa Athletic v Stirling Albion                                              3-2


Final – 2 legs     

May 2nd  Alloa Athletic v Falkirk                                              2-2

May 6th  Falkirk v Alloa Athletic                                               2-1



First Round        

Oct 18th  East Stirlingshire v Falkirk                                                        3-2

April 10th  Alloa Athletic v Stenhousemuir                                    0-3


Semi final

March 6th  East Stirlingshire v Dumbarton                                         4-2            

April 16th  Stirling Albion v Stenhousemuir                                          1-3



May 4th  East Stirlingshire v Stenhousemuir                                        3-1



First Round

Oct 9th Falkirk v Dumbarton                            2-0                    

Oct 16th  East Stirlingshire v Stirling Albion                          2-2

Oct 30th  Stirling Albion v East Stirlingshire            3-3

Nov 20th  Stirling Albion v East Stirlingshire           3-0


Semi final          

March 26th  Stirling Albion v Stenhousemuir        1-1

April 15th  Stenhousemuir v Stirling Albion           1-1

April 8th  Alloa Athletic v Falkirk                             0-1



May 2nd Falkirk v Stenhousemuir                           1-4



First Round        

Dec 24th  Stirling Albion v Alloa Athletic                1-0

Nov 26th  Dumbarton v Stenhousemuir 1-2


Semi final          

Oct 15th  East Stirlingshire v Falkirk                                       1-1

March 31st   Stirling Albion v Stenhousemuir       1-4

April 8th  Falkirk v East Stirlingshire               5-3



April 22nd  Falkirk v Stenhousemuir                       7-0



Semi final          

March 29th  Falkirk v Alloa Athletic                              5-0

March 15th  Dumbarton v Stenhousemuir    1-0



April 19th  Dumbarton v Falkirk                   1-1

April 22nd  Falkirk v Dumbarton                      1-3



First Round        

Oct 12th  East Stirlingshire v Stirling Albion                 0-1

Oct 26th  Dumbarton v Falkirk                       0-0

April 11th  Falkirk v Dumbarton                       2-4


Semi final          

April 6th  Stirling Albion v Stenhousemuir                   1-0

April 18th  Alloa Athletic v Dumbarton         0-0  (Alloa won on toss of coin)



Alloa Athletic v Stirling Albion   wo-scr



First Round        

Oct 5th 66- East Stirlingshire v Falkirk                     1-2

Oct 17th  Dumbarton v Stirling Albion      1-1 (Stirling Albion won on toss of coin)


Semi final          

April 4th  Stirling Albion v Stenhousemuir              0-0 (Stenhousemuir won on toss of coin)

April 17th   Alloa Athletic v Falkirk                            0-1



April 27th  Falkirk v Stenhousemuir          5-1



First Round        

Oct 17th  Falkirk v East Stirlingshire                         0-0

East Stirlingshirev Falkirk               scr-wo

April 6th  Alloa Athletic v Stenhousemuir               2-0


Semi final          

March 27th  Stirling Albion v Dumbarton                1-1  (Stirling Albion won on toss of coin)

April 30th  Falkirk v Alloa Athletic                             2-2  (Falkirk won on toss of coin)



May 2nd  Falkirk v Stirling Albion                             3-0



First Round        

Oct 22nd 68 - Stirling Albion v Alloa Athletic          2-3

Oct 21st 68 - East Stirlingshire v Dumbarton          3-1


Semi final          

April 28th  Stenhousemuir v Alloa Athletic            1-2

May 2nd  Falkirk v East Stirlingshire                        1-3



Oct 7th 1969 East Stirlingshire v Alloa Athletic      3-2



First Round        

Nov 24th  Alloa Athletic v Stenhousemuir                     5-2 at Annfield Park, Stirling

Dec 15th  Dumbarton v Stirling Albion             1-1

March 3rd  Stirling Albion v Dumbarton (Replay)      0-1


Semi final          

March 31st  Dumbarton v Alloa Athletic         5-1

April 24th  East Stirlingshire v Falkirk                              0-2



May 1st  Falkirk v Dumbarton                           1-0



First Round        

Oct 27th  Stirling Albion v Falkirk                                      3-0

Oct 27th  East Stirlingshire v Alloa Athletic                       2-1

Nov 16th Clydebank v Dumbarton                    2-1


Semi final          

March 30th   East Stirlingshire v Stirling Albion             2-2 (East Stirlingshire won 4-3 on pens)

March 30th Clydebank v Stenhousemuir                       0-2



August 9th 1971 Stenhousemuir v East Stirlingshire                  3-2



First Round        

Nov 30th  Falkirk v Clydebank                                    2-4

Nov 30th  Dumbartonv Alloa Athletic          1-1 (Alloa won on 4-3 Pens)

Oct 18th  East Stirlingshire v Stenhousemuir                         3-2


Semi final

April 5th  Alloa Athletic v Clydebank                               0-2  

May 2nd  Stirling Albion v East Stirlingshire                            2-0



May 4th  Clydebank v Stirling Albion                          1-5



First Round        

Oct 31st Dumbarton v Alloa Athletic        4-2

Nov 28th Falkirk v Clydebank               5-3

Oct 24th  East Stirlingshire v Stirling Albion            2-1


Semi final           

March 20th  Dumbarton v Falkirk              2-1

Mar 28th  Stenhousemuir v East Stirlingshire       0-0 (ES won 6-5 on pens)



April 23rd  Dumbarton v East Stirlingshire              6-0



First Round        

August 1st Clydebank v Dumbarton         0-3

Oct 23rd  East Stirlingshire v Falkirk                         3-1

Oct 30th  Stenhousemuir v Alloa Athletic               1-2


Semi final           

March 26th  Stirling Albion v Alloa Athletic            2-0

March 26th  East Stirlingshire v Dumbarton          2-2 (Dumbarton won 5-4 on pens)



April 29th  Dumbarton v Stirling Albion   2-2 (Stirling Albion won 4-2 on pens)



First Round        

Oct 29th 74 - Stenhousemuir v Falkirk                   2-0

Nov 26th 74 - East Stirlingshire v Stirling Albion                 1-0

Aug 3rd 74 - Clydebank v Alloa Athletic                 1-1 (Alloa won 5-4 on pens)


Semi final          

March 11th  East Stirlingshire v Stenhousemuir                0-1

April 9th Dumbarton v Alloa Athletic                      5-1



April 28th  Dumbarton v Stenhousemuir               4-1



First Round        

Oct 7th  Stenhousemuir v Falkirk               2-2 (Stenhousemuir won on pens)

Oct 7th  Stirling Albion v Alloa Athletic     0-2

Nov 3rd  Dumbarton v Clydebank            1-1 (Dumbarton won 5-4 on pens)


Semi final          

Nov 11th  Stenhousemuir v Dumbarton 3-1

Oct 14th  East Stirlingshire v Alloa Athletic               2-2 (6-4 on pens)



April 20th Stenhousemuir v East Stirlingshire       1-0



First Round        

August 9th  East Stirlingshire v Stenhousemuir   4-1

Nov 15th  Dumbarton v Alloa Athletic     2-4         

May 2nd  Falkirk v Stirling Albion                             0-1


Semi final          

December 15th  Clydebank v East Stirlingshire    4-0

May 4th  Stirling Albion v Alloa Athletic   2-2 (Stirling Albion won 4-2 on pens)



May 6th  Stirling Albion v Clydebank        0-0 (Stirling Albion won 6-5 on pens)



First Round        

Aug 6th  Stenhousemuir v Clydebank     1-6

Oct 5th Dumbarton v East Stirlingshire    4-1

April 11th  Stirling Albion v Alloa Athletic                1-0


Semi final          

April 20th  Clydebank v Dumbarton          4-1

May 3rd  Stirling Albion v Falkirk                              3-0



May 5th  Stirling Albion v Clydebank        4-1



First Round        

Sept 19th  Falkirk v East Stirlingshire                      1-0

Nov 7th  Stenhousemuir v Stirling Albion               1-1 (Stenhousemuir won 5-4 on pens)

March 21st  Clydebank v Alloa Athletic   1-1 (Clydebank won on pens)


Semi final          

Feb 11th  Falkirk v Dumbarton                  0-1

May 3rd Stenhousemuir v Clydebank     3-2



May 11th  Clydebank v Dumbarton          1-0



First Round        

August 3rd  Stenhousemuir v East Stirlingshire   2-0

Oct 30th  Falkirk v Stirling Albion                              0-2

Oct 30th  Dumbarton v Alloa Athletic           2-0


Semi final          

Nov 27th  Stenhousemuir v Stirling Albion            2-0

Nov 26th  Dumbarton v Clydebank      0-0 (Clydebank won on pens)



April 15th Stenhousemuir v Clydebank   1-4



First Round        

Oct 13th  Falkirk v Dumbarton                       1-2

Oct 21st Stenhousemuir v Alloa Athletic                     4-1

Nov 11th  East Stirlingshire v Clydebank      1-6


Semi final          

Feb 10th  Stirling Albion v Clydebank            1-0

April 14th  Dumbarton v Stenhousemuir     3-0



April 29th Dumbarton v Stirling Albion         3-0



First Round        

Oct 13th  Alloa Athletic. V Stirling Albion                1-0

Oct 26th  Falkirk v Stenhousemuir            2-1

Oct 27th  East Stirlingshire v Dumbarton                4-5


Semi final

January 21st  Dumbarton v Clydebank    2-1         

April 27th  Falkirk v Alloa Athletic                             3-3 (Alloa won on pens)



May 10th  Alloa Athletic v Dumbarton     1-1 (Alloa won 5-4 on pens)



First Round        

Aug 4th  Stirling Albion v Falkirk               1-0

Aug 4th  Clydebank v Dumbarton           2-5


Semi final          

Aug 7th  Stenhousemuir v Stirling Albion               1-0

Aug 7th  Dumbarton v Alloa Athletic             3-0



Aug 8th  Stenhousemuir v Dumbarton   1-3



First Round        

Aug 8th  Alloa Athletic v Clydebank                        3-2

Aug 8th  Stirling Albion v East Stirlingshire             5-0

Aug 8th  Stenhousemuir v Falkirk              3-0


Semi final          

Aug 10th   Stenhousemuir v Stirling Albion            0-2

Aug 10th  Alloa Athletic. V Dumbarton    3-2



May 14th  Stirling Albion v Alloa Athletic                3-1



First Round        

August 4th Alloa Athletic v Stenhousemuir               2-1

Oct 23rd  Dumbarton v Falkirk                      1-1 (Dumbarton won on pens)

May 5th  Stirling Albion v Clydebank            2-0


Semi final          

May 8th East Stirlingshire v Dumbarton      0-0 (East Stirlingshire won on pens)

May 13th  Alloa Athletic v Stirling Albion                    1-2



May 14th   Stirling Albion v East Stirlingshire             0-2



First Round        

Sept 11th Alloa Athletic v Stenhousemuir                1-1 (Stenhousemuir won 4-3 on pens)

Sept 17th  Clydebank v East Stirlingshire                   4-1

Sept 23rd  Falkirk v Stirling Albion                               3-0


Semi final          

Nov 11th  Clydebank v Stenhousemuir      3-1

Dec 4th  Dumbarton v Falkirk                       0-0 (Dumbarton won 5-4 on pens)



March 9th  Dumbarton v Clydebank           2-1




First Round        

Aug 4th  Falkirk v Dumbarton                    1-2

Aug 5th  Clydebank v Alloa Athletic          3-1

Nov 4th  East Stirlingshire v Stirling Albion             1-1 (Stirling Albion won 4-2 on pens)


Semi final          

Sept 3rd  Stenhousemuir v Clydebank    1-1 (Stenhousemuir won 4-3 on pens)

April 21st  Dumbarton v Stirling Albion    1-2



May 12th Stenhousemuir v Stirling Albion             1-0



First Round        

Oct 13th  - Stenhousemuir v Dumbarton                 3-3 (Dumbarton won on Pens)

Nov ??       Alloa Athletic. V East Stirlingshire           3-2

Nov 24th  Stirling Albion. V Clydebank      6-1


Semi final          

Jan 26th  Stirling Albion v Falkirk                                0-0 (Stirling Albion won 3-2 on pens)

April 26th  Dumbarton v Alloa Athletic      2-0



May 10th   Stirling Albion. V Dumbarton   1-2



First Round        

April 20th  Falkirk v Clydebank                  3-0

Nov 21st Alloa Athletic v Stirling Albion   1-1 (Stirling Albion won 4-1 on pens)

Apr 18th  Dumbarton v East Stirlingshire                0-2


Semi final          

April 24th  Stirling Albion v Stenhousemuir           1-0

May 9th  Falkirk v East Stirlingshire                         1-0



May 15th  Falkirk v Stirling Albion                             1-1 (Stirling Albion won 5-4 on pens)



First Round        

Aug 1st  Stirling Albion. V Falkirk                                     1-1 (Stirling Albion won 4-2 on pens)

Sept 13th Stenhousemuir v East Stirlingshire              2-1

Oct 17th  Alloa Athletic. V Dumbarton            0-3


Semi final          

May 1st  Clydebank v Stirling Albion                4-0

May 1st  Stenhousemuir v Dumbarton          1-3



May 7th  Clydebank v Dumbarton                   2-4



First Round        

May 6th Alloa Athletic. V Stenhousemuir                      1-2

Aug 17th Dumbarton v Clydebank                     3-2

April 23rd  East Stirlingshire v Stirling Albion                   3-2


Semi final          

April 29th  East Stirlingshire v Falkirk                               2-1

May 13th Stenhousemuir v Dumbarton          1-1  (Dumbarton won on pens)



May 15th  Dumbarton v East Stirlingshire                       2-1



First Round        

Aug 3rd  Stenhousemuir v Alloa Athletic                      1-1 (Stenhousemuir won 5-4 on penalties)

Aug 7th  Dumbarton v Falkirk                          0-5

April 27th  Stirling Albion v East Stirlingshire                4-2


Semi final          

April 14th  Falkirk v Clydebank                        1-2

April 29th  Stirling Albion. V Stenhousemuir      3-0



May 6th  Clydebank v Stirling Albion.             1-2



First Round        

July 25th  Dumbarton v Clydebank                 3-1

April 13th  East Stirlingshire v Falkirk                            1-2

April 21st 93  - Stenhousemuir v Alloa Athletic           1-0


Semi final          

May 3rd  Falkirk v Dumbarton                         4-2

May 4th  Stirling Albion v Stenhousemuir                    2-3



May 11th  Falkirk v Stenhousemuir                1-1 (Falkirk won 4-3 on Pens)



Section A            

July 24th  Stenhousemuir v East Stirlingshire           0-1

July 24th  Dumbarton v Falkirk                      2-1

July 26th  Falkirk v East Stirlingshire             2-2

July 27th  Dumbarton v Stenhousemuir     1-3

July 31st  East Stirlingshire v Dumbarton                    0-1

July 31st  Stenhousemuir v Falkirk                0-1


Section B            

July 24th  Clydebank v Stirling Albion           1-2

July 26th  Alloa Athletic. V Clydebank          2-3

July 30th Stirling Albion. V Alloa Athletic.    0-2



Sep 21st  Dumbarton v Alloa Athletic    0-0 (Dumbarton won 5-3 on Pens)



Section A            

July 30th  Alloa Athletic v Stenhousemuir                  1-1 (Stenhousemuir won 5-4 on Pens)

Aug 2nd  Clydebank v Alloa Athletic             4-0

Aug 3rd  East Stirlingshire v Stenhousemuir 4-3

Aug 6th  East Stirlingshire v Alloa Athletic 1-1 (Alloa won 4-2 on Pens)

Aug 6th  Stenhousemuir v Clydebank         1-1 (Stenhousemuir won 5-4 on Pens)

May 1st Clydebank v East Stirlingshire                      2-1


Section B            

Aug 1st  Falkirk v Dumbarton                        2-1

Aug 5th  Stirling Albion v Falkirk                   0-3

Aug 8th  Dumbarton v Stirling Albion           2-4



May 9th Clydebank v Falkirk                          1-1  (Falkirk won 5-4 on Pens)



First Round        

Aug 2nd  Stenhousemuir v Clydebank        1-2

Aug 7th  Falkirk v East Stirlingshire                              1-1 (East Stirlingshire won 4-2 on Pens)

July 29th  Alloa Athletic. V Dumbarton        0-2


Semi final          

Oct 3rd  East Stirlingshire v Clydebank                       2-1

April 15th Dumbarton v Stirling Albion        3-3 (Dumbarton won 7-6 on Pens)



May 6th Dumbarton v East Stirlingshire      2-1



First Round        

July 28th Falkirk v Dumbarton                       2-1

July 30th Stenhousemuir v Clydebank        4-5

Dec 22nd East Stirlingshire v Stirling Albion               2-2 (Stirling Albion won 4-2 on pens)


Semi final          

Falkirk v Clydebank   scr-wo

April 22nd Stirling Albion v Alloa Athletic                    2-4



May 13th Alloa Athletic. V Clydebank          4-3



Section A            

July 19th  Stenhousemuir v Alloa Athletic                  1-2

July 22nd  Dumbarton v Stenhousemuir                    0-2

July 26th  Dumbarton v Alloa Athletic.         1-2

July 26th  Stenhousemuir v Stirling Albion                 3-2

Aug 18th   Stirling Albion  v Dumbarton       1-4

Aug 25th  Alloa Athletic. v Stirling Albion.                   4-1


Section B            

July 22nd  East Stirlingshire v Clydebank     0-1

July 30th  Falkirk v East Stirlingshire                            0-1

Aug 21st  Falkirk v Clydebank                        3-0



Oct 8th Alloa Athletic v Falkirk                      1-2



Section A            

July 18th  Stenhousemuir v Clydebank       1-3

Sep22nd  East Stirlingshire v Alloa Athletic.               2-2

July 21st  Alloa Athletic. V Clydebank           2-1

July 25th  Alloa Athletic. V Stenhousemuir                3-1

August 11th  Stenhousemuir v East Stirlingshire    2-4

Oct 13th  East Stirlingshire v Clydebank     2-0


Section B            

July 23rd  Stirling Albion v Dumbarton         1-0

Aug 25th  Dumbarton v Falkirk                     2-2

Sept 1st  Falkirk v Stirling Albion                   0-0



Oct 28th  Stirling Albion v East Stirlingshire                4-1



Section A            

July 14th  Stirling Albion v Dumbarton 3-0

July 17th  Dumbarton v Alloa Athletic 2-3

July 24th 99  - Alloa Athletic. V Stilring Albion 2-1


Section B            

July 26th  East Stirlingshire v Falkirk 1-2

July 29th  Falkirk v Stenhousemuir 1-0

August 4th Stenhousemuir v East Stirlingshire 2-3



Sept 7th  Alloa Athletic v Falkirk                  1-6



Section A            

July 26th  Falkirk v Stirling Albion 4-1

July 29th  East Stirlingshire v Stirling Albion    4-0

Aug 1st 00- East Stirlingshire v Falkirk 3-1


Section B            

July 18th  Alloa Athletic v Dumbarton 4-1

July 22nd  Stenhousemuir v Dumbarton                0-2

July 16th  Alloa Athletic v Stenhousemuir 3-1



Sept 5th  Alloa Athletic.v East Stirlingshire 2-2 (East Stirlingshire won 6-5 on Pens)



Section A            

July 14th  Alloa Athletic v Dumbarton 1-2

July 21st  Alloa Athletic. V Stirling Albion                  5-2

July 28th  Stirling Albion v Dumbarton 0-2


Section B            

July 19th  Falkirk v Stenhousemuir   0-3

July 21st Stenhousemuir v East Stirlingshire 1-0

July 31st  Falkirk v East Stirlingshire 5-2



Sept 4th  Dumbarton v Stenhousemuir  0-0 (Stenhousemuir won 2-1 on Pens)



Section A            

July 25th  Stirling Albion v Stenhousemuir 1-0

July 27th  Stenhousemuir v Alloa Athletic.   1-1 (Alloa won on 7-6 on penalties)

July 29th  Alloa Athletic v Stirling Albion     0-1


Section B            

July 16th  Dumbarton v Falkirk    1-1 (Falkirk won 4-3 on Pens)

Aug 14th  Falkirk v East Stirlingshire    0-3 (Match declared void)

Dumbarton v East Stirlingshire     (Match not played)



Sept 3rd  Stirling Albion v Falkirk  1-2



Section A            

July 19th  Falkirk v Dumbarton 0-0 (Falkirk won 4-3 on Pens)

July 29th  Dumbarton v Stirling Albion 1-1 (Stirling Albion won 3-1 on Pens)

July 23rd  Stirling Albion v Falkirk 2-1


Section B            

July 15th  East Stirlingshire v Stenhousemuir 1-1 (Stenhousemuir won 4-3 on pens)

July 26th  Stenhousemuir v Alloa Athletic 0-1 [match void Alloa disqualified ineligible player]

July 28th  Alloa Athletic. V East Stirlingshire 3-0 [match void Alloa disqualified ineligible player]


With Alloa disqualified it was decided that East Stirlingshire would play Stenhousemuir to see who progressed to final despite Stenhousemuir winning earlier tie

Aug 26th  East Stirlingshire v Stenhousemuir       2-0



Stirling Albion v  East Stirlingshire  3 -0



Section A            

Aug 3rd 04 - Dumbarton v Falkirk 1-2

Aug 17th 04 - East Stirlingshire v Dumbarton  0-3

Sept 7th 04 - Falkirk v East Stirlingshire   5-0


Section B            

July 24th. 04 - Stirling Albion v Alloa Athletic 2-1

Aug 17th 04 - Stenhousemuir v Stirling Albion 2-3

Sept 21st 04  - Alloa Athletic v Stenhousemuir 3-1



Oct 19th 04 - Falkirk v Stirling Albion 3-3 (Stirling Albion won 10-9 on Pens)



Section A            

August 16th Falkirk v Dumbarton 4-0

August 23rd Dumbarton v East Stirlingshire 0-1

September 6th East Stirlingshire v Falkirk 2-1


Section B            

August 16th Stirling Albion v Stenhousemuir 4-1

Sept 3rd Stenhousemuir v Alloa Athletic                   0-1

September 20th Alloa Athletic v Stirling Albion 1-2



October 18th East Stirlingshire v Stirling Albion 0-3



Section A            

July 24th Stenhousemuir v East Stirlingshire 2-0

July 26th East Stirlingshire v Falkirk  0-1

August 1st Falkirk v Stenhousemuir 1-1 (Falkirk won on Pens)


Section B            

July 11th Dumbarton v Alloa Athletic   2-1

July 17th Stirling Albion v Dumbarton   1-1 (Stirling Albion won 4-2 on pens)

July 20th Alloa Athletic v Stilrling Albion   0-4



October 25th Stirling Albion v Falkirk  1-2



Section A            

July 24th East Stirlingshire v Falkirk 1-0

July 26th East Stirlingshire v Alloa Athletic 0-2

September 4th Alloa Athletic v Falkirk 1-4


Section B            

July 18th  Stenhousemuir v Stirling Albion 0-1

July 20th  Stenhousemuir v Dumbarton 0-1

August 22nd Stirling Albion v Dumbarton 5-1



October 9th 07 - Stirling Albion v Falkirk  1-3



Tournament Suspended Due to dispute with referees.



Group 1

7th Jul Stenhousemuir v Falkirk 2-1

14th Jul Alloa Athletic v Stenhousemuir 0-0 [Stenhousemuir won 5-4 on Penalties]

Falkirk v Alloa Athletic not played


Group 2

28th Jul Dumbarton v East Stirlingshire 2-2 [Dumbarton won 5-4 on Penalties]

4th Aug Stirling Albion v Dumbarton 1-1 [Dumbarton won 6-5 on Penalties]

East Stirlingshire v Stirling Albion not played


Final (at Ochilview Park, Stenhousemuir)

13th Oct Stenhousemuir v Dumbarton 0-2




First Round

24th Aug Stenhousemuir v Dumbarton 1-2

30th Aug Falkirk v Stirling Albion 2-1


Semi final

28th Sep  Falkirk v Alloa Athletic 4-0

6th Oct  Dumbarton v East Stirlingshire 1-0


Final (at Strathclyde Homes Stadium, Dumbarton)

16th Nov Dumbarton v Falkirk 2-0 [Wallace, Smith]




First round

2nd Aug Stenhousemuir v Stirling Albion 4-0 (att 400, both U19s)

30 Aug Alloa Athletic v Falkirk 0-1 (att 290)


Semi final

27th Sep Falkirk v East Stirlingshire 2-0

30th Aug Stenhousemuir v Dumbarton 2-6



1st Nov Falkirk v Dumbarton 1-1, 5-4 pens (att 1000)




First round

28th Aug Alloa v Stirling Albion 0-2

21st Jul Stenhousemuir v East Stirlingshire 4-3


Semi final

8th Sep Dumbarton v Stirling Albion 3-0

4th Sep Falkirk v Stenhousemuir 3-0



23rd July 2013 Dumbarton v Falkirk 3-2 (at Dumbarton Stadium, Dumbarton)



First round

31st July Stenhousemuir v Falkirk 0-1 (c300)

27th Aug Alloa Athletic v East Stirlingshire 2-2 (ES won 4-2 on pens) (att 120)


Semi final

24th Sep Falkirk v Dumbarton 3-1 (att 100)

8th Oct Stirling Albion v East Stirlingshire 3-1 (att 150)



22nd Jul) Falkirk v Stirling Albion (at Falkirk Stadium)





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